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Drummer Quotes
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Drummer Quotes

Allegedly these quotes were made by famous and not so famous musicians


Get your foot the hell off my stage.
Buddy Rich to member of audience in Ronnie's


Dinner is served.
Phil Seamen, drummer, after falling asleep waking up and hitting the gong in
West Side Story


He is an excellent drummer, but I would have preferred having him in my band later in his career, which I am sure will be a brilliant one.
John Dankworth


Bring out your dead.
Phil Seamen, playing Stan Kenton's Somnambulism


Jack Parnell: Right!
Whole band: Wrong!
... debating the down beat after one of his drum solos


If you have any requests, forget 'em. This is my band, and I'll play what I want.
Buddy Rich


I don't know about you, Mayor Ponsonby, but I had a ball.
Phil Seamen to mayor of
Manchester after the premier of West Side Story


Get out of my car!
Buddy Rich to Terry Gibbs, in the middle of the
Nevada desert


Look, I told you all to start at letter B, cut to H, go back to A, then reprise, take the coda and direct segue into the next number.

Jack Parnell, TV conductor
Yes, but you didn't tell them ten ******* times.
Norman Stenfalt, pianist


Dis band should disband.
Joe Harris, drummer


You need better technique than I have to play jazz, but what you have to do is the same thing, isn't it?

Charlie Watts


How do you play a 4 bar drum break in 6/4 time without counting like mad?

Play 6 bars of 4/4.It’s much simpler and will really impress the rest of the band

Charlie Morgan


The most important thing a drummer can do is to keep time. 

Elvin Jones


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